Monday, October 29, 2007


The sky was really cloudy today as I drove to class. Not altostratus cloudy, which means rain. It was mackerel sky, which means a change in the weather. At this point, a change could mean anything, and wouldn't that be fun? I just hope that, if it is rain, it waits until Thursday. I do not want to be walking around campus on Wednesday in costume only to be rained upon.

The check engine light came on in my car on Saturday, so I took it in to the shop today. After I waited an hour for the diagnosis (a very unusual occurrence at this shop, they usually get you a diagnosis in 30 min. or less), I finally asked what was up. The computer had said there was a misfire in cylinder 2, but the techs couldn't find anything wrong with cylinder 2. So they cleared the message, drove the car around, and the light didn't come back on. Thanks for informing me, guys.

Today in my ASL class we were practicing descriptions. We were then supposed to get into groups of three. Signer A would say something to Signer B about Signer C, whereupon Signer B would ask Signer C if this was the truth. Upon hearing this "rumor" about themselves, Signer C was supposed to take this and correct the conception to end up with the truth. Sounds decently easy, yes? Well, one of my group members napped during part of the instructions (he works early in the morning, and he says it's easy to fall asleep in a classroom that has no sound), and he told his friend that I was beautiful. Oops, how do I correct his "misconception" without making either of us an idiot? It was funny. :P

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