Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Blustery Day in the Hundred Acre Woods

Fridays are simply not constructive for blogging. Neither are Saturdays. Both tend to be boring, with nothing going on.

Except, yesterday wasn't boring. I watched 6 lovely kids, and I didn't loose my mind. All were almost perfect the whole time, except for the 2-year-old. I had to put my foot down with her. Two of the kids really, really missed mommy at bedtime, but that's understandable because I'm the first babysitter outside of family that they've had in years. By the time that mom and dad got back, though, those same two kiddos were asleep. We didn't break anything (the dvd's were already all scratched up), didn't spill anything we didn't clean up (the last bits of melted ice cream you can never get out of your bowl), and we put away everything we took out. Not bad for over 4 hours with 6 kids, even if they all know you already.

Santa Annas have arrived again. The Crest fire started almost 4 years ago today (4 days short of 4 years), and we're experiencing a bit of deja vu over here. However, we've got all our stuff piled in the front hall, just in case we are evacuated. With these winds, you never know.

The winds can create some fun, though. The sunbrella out on the deck today almost flew away. The recycling was blown into the pool. A whole bunch of leaves were blown into the courtyard and Eddy is using them as a blanket. All that aside from the fact that the wind is just plain awesome.

Now that it's past midnight, I'm gonna see if my adrenaline rush has faded enough to let me sleep some before I study myself out of my mind for my test in Hearing Sciences on Tuesday.

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