Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Rain in Spain

I have been insanely hungry today, and there is no earthly reason why. I've eaten more today than I have any day since this summer when I helped my uncle move and we only ate out for every meal.

Today I got to see my Anatomy test from last week. I got 119 points out of 120, which amounts to roughly 99.6%. I suppose it's comforting to know that I've got phonation down pat if I'm considering a voice emphasis. Also, I don't need to study respiration or phonation much for the Voice Pedagogy midterm the day after tomorrow. For that Voice class, all I'll need to study is the weird music stuff that I don't know because my musical experience is in piano and not solo singing.

I got a lovely 4 hours of sleep last night, and I'm starting to really feel it now, but I know I won't be tired once I go outside in the cold night air to give Inka her walk. At least I'm not getting up until 6:15 tomorrow. Besides, it's pretty and foggy outside. No, I have no idea what my point is. But we've had a lot of fog recently. Today at school it looked like rain, but it didn't rain.

The Study Abroad Fair is on Monday at school. I'll be going so that I can have all sorts of people tell me why I should go to their program. Sounds interesting, no? I wonder if I'll be able to find any summer programs in the Czech Republic. Oh, yeah, someone in my Voice Pedagogy class today called it Czechlosovakia. Get with the program, people, Czechlosovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia years ago, although it was some time after the fall of the iron curtain. I think.

And that's what happens with 4 hours of sleep.

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