Thursday, October 11, 2007

90% off Everything!

Every year, without fail, this one salon that's kinda nearish my school offers 90% discounts to girls to come give them a try. It happens in the fall, after we've been in for a few weeks and, supposedly, are missing our hairdressers/nail dressers back home. In case you don't know, I don't do anything fancy with my hair, and I almost never paint my nails. There's no way I'm gonna pay 90% off of anything to get almost nothing done, when I can get my mom to do it for free.

Usually I'm just approached by one of these advertising girls each fall semester. That's not so bad. I had my one about three weeks ago. But then, I was approached twice today while I was sitting with a friend during a break, and after the friend left, I was approached a third time! Leave me alone, girls, I'm not interested. I don't know whether to consider it a good thing that they all want my business, or a bad thing.

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Schmitty said...

Money hounds, they are. Don't worry, you're perfectly pretty already.
<3 Me