Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ... Fall

We have walnut trees on our property. Sounds like a great idea, yes? Apparently we have some odd species, and so the husks stick to the shells until the nuts drop. Our first year we tried to harvest the nuts. The problem was, we picked them off the trees. Because we picked them off the trees, the nuts hadn't dropped from the husks yet. We haven't bothered since. Want to know why we don't pick up the nuts as they fall?

Because of the crows. We must get at least 7 flocks of crows every fall, coming to eat our walnuts for us. They're ugly, they're loud, they make a mess, and they're everywhere. Remember the scenes from Bambi, whenever Man is near? All the birds freaking out? That's what it was like when I took Inka for her walk yesterday morning. There must have been a minimum of 50 crows that took off from our various trees, still quwacking 4 minutes into the walk. Now I understand why Man came to the forest. He was trying to shoot the crows.

Speaking of Inka, she hasn't kept on the bandages I've put on her foot. Yes, bandages, plural. I was supposed to change her bandage yesterday. I did, after I got home from class. She tore it up and spit it out (literally). So I put on a new one. The vet only gave me enough material for two. Well, she worked her way out of that one mere minutes before I got home from karate tonight. And in case you don't remember, she doesn't stay in the cone, either. I tried again last night, after she tore up the first bandage. No luck. I had to rumage through our personal first-aid supplies (my parents keep copious amounts in our house) to find more stuff to wrap her up, yet again. I'm hoping it'll last until she gets to the vet's tomorrow morning. I don't know why she takes off the bandages I've applied, but not the ones the vet applied. I don't care at this point, either.

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