Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kata Kabuki Time

Had a good workout at karate tonight. We worked All American Form 3 for most of the hour. That's a long, intense kata. Everyone was sweating, and it was only about 70 degrees (at the most) outside. Good stuff.

I'm starting to freak out about the Hearing Sciences test on Tuesday. I've got a jumbo stack of flash cards already, and I've barely gotten into the notes for this unit. Not very comforting. I've been doing good on the homework assignments, but I can't have another low score on this test. My grade is already too low as it is. It must go up! I just keep reminding myself that this next test will have a lot of anatomy on it, rather than crazy physics of sound. It'll only half-involve how sound works, the other half is how it's transmitted. Phonetics I'm pretty sure I can easily get from the A- it is now to an A by the end of the semester. Anatomy, well, that's going quite well, as is ASL. We'll see how I did on the Voice Pedagogy midterm today. And people say I don't keep busy.

The people in my Voice class today were surprised to find out my age. They thought me older, since I act mature. People either look at my face and think I'm younger, or they notice I (generally) act mature, and think I'm older. I've yet to have someone guess my actual age.

My brother got Transformers yesterday. Actually, he got it, but convinced Dad to pay for it, even though my dad thought the movie was going to be stupid and refused to go see it in theatres. Needless to say, he enjoyed watching it tonight, and he wants to watch it again soon when Mom doesn't need to hurry to go to sleep because of work the next day. There's more to that movie than meets the eye. *ducks tomatoes*

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