Saturday, October 27, 2007

In America

The painting in my mom's bathroom was finished yesterday. The dark green turned out to be a lot ... darker than we imagined, and a bit more brownish, but it's growing on us (us being my mom and me). I also set up a little vignette on a shelf that had a tv there before we moved in. It now has a conch shell, a few classic (old-fashioned) looking books, and one of my dad's nautical clocks. At least my dad likes the vignette. There's a sad little ivy that lives beside my parents' bathtub, and I pulled him out of the corner because I thought he was lonely. However, my mom was free to rearrange things as she liked, and the vine is back in the corner again. I feel bad for him.

The smoke is starting to leave, but now we just have ashes raining down on us. Mom said it drizzled (rain) a little, sometime late this afternoon. Obviously it wasn't anything really substantial, since I didn't notice. I hope it rains more, but then again that's just me.

My dad took a nap before dinner tonight and was disoriented when it was time to eat. There was a quip made about him being "lost in translation," and from that point on Dad kept referring to this or that being "lost in translation." Good grief, it's a running gag. Put that together with my brother's "in America" that he picked up from a Yugi-Oh spoof/parody, and you've got a really interesting conversation around the dinner table.

I walked into a pole today. It's in the middle of my friend's house, kinda separating the living room and the kitchen, I suppose. I never really noticed it before, and then it was suddenly there when I turned around. I thought it was funny.


Schmitty said...

Walking into a pole. Very smooth. Very Laura. :-p
For now I'm wearing it on the index finger, since that's just where it fits best. I'd rather wear it on the ring finger, but it's too small and too temporary to get it resized. If I gain weight it'll move back over.
*love and hugs*

Alan Roberta said...
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