Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Family that Sweeps Together

Just a quick update. Nerves have been keeping me on edge, which translates to not sleeping well. My family is fine, the fires are really nowhere close by. Our worst complaints are the effects of the winds themselves. For example, I have seasonal allergy-type symptoms, and my head is constantly hurting.

Along a more fun note, our pool is jade green. Has something to do with the six or seven palm trees there. There's still a bunch of grunge in the pool, but after we spent more time cleaning out there today as a family (I spent over an hour out there on my own yesterday), all the vegetation is out. The winds are dying down, too, so that's a plus. Maybe I won't have to haul felled palm fronds all around the property again for a few more days. We really had about 50 fronds torn from the palm trees and scattered all around the property.

Classes at my university have been canceled through Saturday. I am planning on doing some work for school, but it's so much more fun knitting, or putting the hem into my costume. It's easy to forget that this isn't just summer break. We really see very little smoke, and we're very lucky. I know a couple people who have lost their homes, more who have had to evacuate. I just wish the county could figure this stuff out, after all these years.

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