Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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For as long as I can remember, my dad has been filtering his email through Microsoft Outlook Express. All the time. Doesn't check it online. I can't understand Outlook, and I can't stand it, either. For the past 7 and then some years, I've been checking my email online (used AOL before that, which is slightly different from how it works now). Anywho, we (my younger brother and I) got him an email account through Google where the whole family can have access to a family calendar and see what everyone's doing, if scheduled activities overlap, conflict, what have you. It's really very neat.

My dad can't figure it out. He has to log into Google Mail to access it. How hard is to remember? Honestly. Mail, Google. Instead, he'll try going to the standard Google homepage and logging in there. Doesn't work so well when you type your username and password into a search box. Even better is when he tries to use his email address as a website. is not an accurate web address, just in case you weren't sure. I re-inform him on the proper method of logging in to Google Mail at least twice a day. We made this calendar about four weeks ago. You do the math.

In other news, it rained today. Did I not call it, saying that the clouds yesterday looked like rain? CHP reported 108 accidents between the hours of 6-11am today. The road is wet, people. You walk slower on a wet floor, right? Why not drive slower on a wet road?

Inka would have gone out on a line again today if it weren't raining when I left for school. She's come down with cabin fever. She never used to chew papers or magazines before (unless Eddy was around to be a bad influence and the instigator of trouble), but now she'll apparently go into rooms she wouldn't go into before to get things to tear up. I don't care if it's raining again tomorrow: she's going outside for the whole day. Let her freeze. It'll remind her how good she has it sleeping inside, even if we do tend to run the washer and dryer when she's there.

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