Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yes, it is almost midnight on a Sunday night. Yes, I did drop off the face of the world. Yes, I'm fine, and yes, there are monsters here.

School is keeping me busy, as expected, and this semester is simultaneously easier and harder, more exciting and more boring, than I thought it would be. It's scary getting ready for grad school, it's scary getting ready to write a real research paper, one that I'm using real experimental data on and will defend in front of a committee.

Yesterday and today were our first cool days of the season. They've been absolutely fantastic, and I even got some rain in the deal! Sweater weather is my kinda weather, and today I got to change into my Charles University sweatshirt once I got home from church. Doesn't get much more relaxing than that. Except when you have the rough draft of a thesis proposal to show your research mentor tomorrow, a test the next day, a second test the day after that, and a paper due the day after that. Those are the nice, relaxing weeks.

I've been playing in my 3D art studio a bit more than I should, but oh well, I really enjoy it, and it's (mainly) relaxing. This is one I did recently, and I'm really proud of it, so I thought I'd share it here.