Monday, October 1, 2007

As the Dog Pants

Went for a walk/jog this morning. Doing that Couch to 5k thing I mentioned before. Well, I'm horribly out of shape. I got seriously lightheaded before I was done, so I stopped early. I'm going to do this again on Wednesday, though, and Friday, and keep going as best as I can, even if I don't hold to the rate at which they think you should be able to progress.

After my exercise this morning, I called the vet's to see when I should bring Inka in. Yes, they wanted to see her paw again. Either that, or they wanted to see me, but I think her paw is significantly more interesting. The vet is still proud of her keeping her bandages on so well, and he put on this stuff (layterm "tough skin") that's supposed to help, um, toughen up her skin around where the talon was removed? I get to change her bandage on my own Wednesday and put more of that tough skin stuff on. She currently has a green bandage, but she'll be going back to blue on Wednesday. I'm excited to see what color bandage she'll have on Friday. Is this sad and pathetic? Sometime when Inka was climbing into or out of the car today, she apparently stepped on the button that turns on the seat warmer. When I was driving to class this afternoon, I couldn't figure out why in the world it was so hot in my car. Imagine me, AC on, windows down, and seat warmer burning it's way through my epidermis. Okay, at least through my jeans.

I have lots of projects coming up in school. Well, not so many, but it feels like a lot. A significant amount of homework, and there's a project for ASL, not to mention the tournament I have on Saturday (karate, not school). No laughing at me; I just might snap. My brain seriously seemed to stop higher-level processing at around 8:07 tonight. I was at the dojo, practicing tournament katas. Not a good combination, just in case you were wondering. Oh, and I have not yet started the two projects I have due in November for my voice pedagogy class. Is it Christmas yet?

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