Sunday, October 14, 2007

How Many Beers would a Dalmatian Drink if a Dalmatian would Drink Beers?

There hasn't been much interesting going on here. Weekends tend to be that way. I've been knitting and sewing, and I'm extremely pleased with my progress on both. Pictures will come when those projects are completed.

I took a neighbor girl I sit to her soccer game Saturday morning. It rained. She still played. They lost horribly, but it was a good game, and the sittee had some really good moves out there. So I got her a cup of hot cocoa, and then we went to the grocery store, because my dad wanted me to pick up a few things.

Later on I got to pick up my brother from his friend's house. They'd gone to their high school's football game out of town. Because it was out of town, they didn't go as the marching band, so they put blue in their hair and on their faces. In my brother's case, he put red on his face, too (school colors red, white, and blue). From there, I got gas, and went to the same grocery store again, because there was something else my dad wanted me to get, because he'd forgotten it earlier. Sounds like an exciting day, yes?

We rarely keep alcohol in the house. There's just no need for it, since I don't/can't drink, and my parents rarely drink. Mom got some beer the other day to cook with, and after a joke with my dad, put one in the fridge to chill. It was promptly forgotten about until this morning when my dad went to get a soda from the fridge. You guessed it, he absent-mindedly grabbed the beer instead of a soda, and was unpleasantly surprised. He considered pouring the beer into Inka's water dish, but it was full with water. I'm so glad it was. I don't know what I would have done with a drunk Dalmatian.

Sam is still growing very well. I'm afraid that he won't fit in his pot any more in a few months, so I'm thinking it's about time to move him outside. I'm afraid to move him outside, though, because I don't want him to be eaten by the rabbits. The rabbits are without mercy. They will eat anything, especially if it has personal value to you. The gardener says this time of year would be perfect for planting him, but I need to wait until I see the weeds growing again, because that means the rabbits aren't eating the weeds.

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