Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Road goes Ever on and On

Last night on my way home from karate, my car's "check engine" light came on again. It's been alternating between off and on for the last week or so. After it came on last night, it flashed again and went steady again. And then it flashed, all the way home. During this time, the car started to rattle/complain whenever I tried to accelerate, my gas mileage went down the drain, and my car smelled hot when I got home. So we dropped it off at the shop last night for work today: faulty/malfunctioning fuel injector. 3 hours of labor. 1 unhappy driver, who still doesn't have her car back.

And I got to drive the car that my brother would be driving if he had his license, but he doesn't have his license yet. I'd forgotten about the, erhm, characteristic sounds that the other car made. Sounds something like this: "pbbbbtbbbbpbbbbtbbbb." Repeat ad nauseum. And the radio says "ptoobptk" every time you try to turn it on. But the heater does work, even if the gears are broken in the driver's window.

1 comment:

Schmitty said...

HA (at the sounds the other car makes, not at your misfortune)
Thanks for making me smile for a second on a crappy day. Hope your car troubles go away.