Monday, November 12, 2007

All the Leaves are Brown

I've been told that as a grad student in my major, I'll learn what the definition of negative time is. I'm thinking I might be there already. 9 days before a test, I'm already studying. I never study for tests. Never. Until I started this year. There's just so much to learn.

I'm also on my way to one of the biggest tests of my life in karate. It's scary and exciting and exhausting. I apparently tweaked my knee on Saturday, and it's still a little sore. I'm back up on my trying to jog, too. I've been jogging fairly regularly on the treadmill, except for today because I didn't want to push my knee. I've been instructed to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe karate for the next three weeks. Which I suppose leaves learning my coursework at school solely by osmosis.

Meanwhile, the weather is changing again. We've had drizzle twice in the last three days, and most of our trees (excepting palm trees) are bare of leaves. Although, that might have something to do with the Santa Annas a couple weeks back.

Blogs will probably be getting fewer and farther between. At least for the next four weeks or so. By then I'll be done with finals, and I'll be able to relax by painting my room, or some other such thing.

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