Sunday, November 25, 2007

Of Making a Feast into a Vegan Meal

Both Thanksgivings have been eaten, and each went successfully. My mom made some "tofurkey" for my big brother's gf. Don't ask how that works, I don't really know, and I refused to touch the stuff. The vegan stuffing was good (you could tell it was vegan, but it was good), and my dad said the vegan pumpkin pie was not bad. I stuck to the classic stuff.

On the plus side, I got to talk with the gf about SLP stuff. It was fun and good, and she was excited, and liked the description I'd given of the voice class I'm taking. I even photocopied for her the article I presented on last Tuesday. Hopefully she'll come back ready to talk about more, because I love being able to talk with her about it. The rest of the family thinks I'm loony. My dad even cut short the discussion about ASL classes while we were still at the table.

Last Sunday and this one I've been helping my church with a ministry called Angel Tree, which delivers Christmas parents to kids that might not get any because their family is in prison. It's wonderful seeing all the packages coming in, and I'm good at sorting. The people who volunteer every year are great and make sorting all the more fun. I won't be able to help next weekend, but the weekend after that all the gifts are gonna be loaded so they can be delivered. Exciting stuff.

Starting to plan my courses for next semester. They're sill funky and quite dispersed throughout the day, and they'll interfere even more with my karate schedule than they have this semester. Le sigh. One of the classes, a lab, I can take only on Friday, and that doesn't make me happy. That means I'm making an extra trip down the hill for that one class, and I won't have any day free of classes, aside from the obvious weekend.

My dad has started a blog. Seriously. It's only, like, his fourth blog he's had (including one he tried to create that would just hold my mom's resume). Actually, he's started two blogs in the last week. One is supposed to be more for his Christmas newsletter stuff, the other one is for his ramblings and rantings, which I think will be profuse considering the fact that he now gets to sit in front of the TV all day with his computer. Only thing is, he's just as inept at his blogs as he is at his email.

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