Friday, September 14, 2007

Mail Gene

I'm getting ready to go to Tennessee next week for a karate seminar. I'm excited. I'd like some pocket money, so I asked my parents for a few odd jobs I can do around the house. Mom asked me to clean off the kitchen counters, clean the kitchen, and to clean up the master bath. So I did.

See, I had been sorting the mail into these folders toward the end of the summer, since it has a tendency to get super bad. If it were my mail, I'd be able to toss things right away. But it's my parents' mail, so I just sort, and try to make it as easy as possible for them to throw things away. When I started classes again this fall, though, I wasn't home anymore when the mail came, so it's been multiplying on the counter. So I sorted it today. I even arranged the fruit prettily in a bowl in the middle of the eating area of the counter, to emphasize the fact that I'd cleared it off.

Then my dad got home while I was at karate, with today's mail. It just sat there, so I sorted it when I got home. And then my dad pulled out all the junk that's been gathering in the living room and proceeded to sort it. On my clean kitchen counter. Mom's gonna be really happy to see that when she gets home tomorrow.

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