Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flying High

Traveling today was really easy. For me. Some people in our party didn't have as easy of a time, but all turned out well in the end. Once we got into Tennessee, we checked in and went to O'Connors for dinner. I had chicken tenders, french fries, and potato soup. That soup was wonderful, with lots of cheese in it. In case you don't already know, cheese is good. I had leftovers that I brought back to the fridge in the hotel room.

After that we went to the mall for about an hour and a half, before it closed at 9:00. I got a pair of shoes. Really my first pair of designer shoes. I like them. A picture will be posted after I get home.

Got back to the room, talked with my roommate some, and after we'd settled in to watch HGTV we had a knock on our door inviting us to go to the Waffle House. Apparently, the Waffle House is really big around here. It's like McDonald's, with one on every corner. So, at 11:00 pm in Tennesse we went and ate a waffle, taking pictures of our food, and we got special Waffle House commemorative hats, and the ladies in the next booth over were able to surmise that we aren't from these parts.

There are two computers here in the hotel lobby, so after getting back from waffles, my roommate and I came to check email and such. My roommate was singing Mission Impossible as we went down the hall, and she's a fully-grown mother of two. I now will rarely have fear again that I'm far too random.

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