Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Terrible Tuesdays

I know I must have said it before, but Mondays aren't bad for me. Mondays are just after Sunday, so they still tend to be good. And I get to see Sensei.

Tuesdays, on the other hand, are long days (especially when I don't get to go to karate on Tuesday nights, angry face). I'm always hungry. I get sleepy during class (today was my first day of the semester getting drowsy in class, yay me!). I feel the results of whatever I did at karate on Monday, like Tenno Kata, Son Don Gi, pushups, crazy crunches, or ... say ... thwacking my knee with a bokken.

Tuesday I find out assignments are due on Thursday. Tuesday my email gets flooded with messages from all sorts of people: "Please share class notes, because I'm deathly ill." "Please join our organization, because we know you're awesome, even though you've told us already you don't have time for us." "Please put pictures up on the website." Tuesday the servers for said website randomly don't work.

Tuesday my mentor asks me to bring in my (continuous process) literature review for him to look over again the next day. Tuesday my mentor holds me in his office until 8 minutes before my class, even if I have to walk to class and really have to go to the bathroom. Tuesday I find out my brother is randomly doing a 60-hour fast (no worries - less reason for me to cook this week).

Yes, Tuesdays are fun.

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