Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today was Tolkienfest. I'm trying to count back to think of how many times we've done this now, and I'm pretty sure this was the 5th year. That's absolutely amazing, no?

Know what else is amazing? I know I don't have the extended version of Fellowship, and yet I always put it off until right before. Why? Who knows. I guess I forget, get caught up in other stuff. Oh, and nowhere in the east-ish part of San Diego County has the extended version of Fellowship for rent. Just in case you were wondering. One of my friends has the limited edition (theatrical or extended version, and only on 3 discs instead of 4!), and if I hadn't already been sure I'd love her forever, I'd love her forever. Now I just love her more forever, for she saved my hide.

Took Inka to the vet yesterday. Yep, roughly once a year she has something that needs to be taken care of, aside from general check-ups and vaccinations (no, she hasn't had that yet, either). I had lots of errands to run yesterday, between getting a tb skintest read, trying to find Fellowship, and Inka's appointment. As I expected, the vet's office was running late. She went to the dojo with me, was very well behaved, and got more treats on that day than she had ever gotten before on one single day of her life. I'll stop in tomorrow to make sure it doesn't smell too much of dog in there, vacuum, aerate a little, things like that.

My day today essentially started last night when I got home from the dojo. I tore down the Christmas tree, by myself. Picked up the dining room table, by myself. Made my lemon bars (which are absolutely demanded for Tolkienfest, I get flogged if I even consider not having them there). Got everything ready to go in storage again. Washed dishes. Cleaned counters. Got phonecalls from my brother as his return time last night got pushed back later and later. Went to bed at almost 1, got up a bit after 6:30. Put away clean dishes, washed more dishes. Put Christmas stuff in storage. Vacuumed where the tree had been. Took care of Inka's owies (why she had to go to the vet's). And then I was able to get into my dress, just in time to start Fellowship at 8, even though no one was here yet. When I tried to put my hair up today, my brother hopped into the shower. All of this for roughly 12 hours of sitting around and doing nothing.

But everything went well today, even if it was a little small. We ordered the exact right amount of pizza this time. We had lots of people that had to leave early, so with a smaller crowd it got quieter towards the end and my sleepiness caught up with me a little. I'm off to bed soon, seeing as how I have a headache from little sleep, lots of caffeine, and being all out of my preventative medication for my migraines. Tomorrow ... I get to jump back into working on my applications, whee. I hate these stupid statements of purpose.

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the neon ninja said...

hi Sensei Jessica!! it's me, Allison! i love your blog!!!