Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dead Zone

Ever have those days where you seem to exist on two planes? On one, I'm just me, and I can do things, like think, and write, and my karate techniques. On another plane, my brain is swimming in my research stuffs, and I think it's drowning. In case you're wondering, the sensation of a drowning brain is not fun. Different from drowning lungs. Seriously, this is one of the biggest things of my life up to this point, and I feel like I've never before had so much work to do. Probably because I never before have had so much work to do.

I'm so glad we have all this rain. It makes me happy. Wind with the rain, though, is giving me a headache, and I started developing a sore throat tonight. My [anti-old] tea isn't helping, either, even though I put in honey. It has managed to make me sleepy, though.

Have my first test of the semester tomorrow. It's in my geology class (natural disasters). I'm nowhere close to worried. It's such a lovely feeling. Everything is directly from the notes, I've been taking good notes, and I already know this material. Yay for should be easy class. I need it this semester, that's for sure. Is it pathetic that I'm still geeking out about plate tectonics, four years after graduating from high school?

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