Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year, New Blog

Yes, I know it's almost a week into the new year, but it's still the first week of the year, so I can still call it new year. It's still new year this whole month, but it doesn't always feel like that because of the birthdays that come up in the middle of the month. Some general observations from the holidays and the few days following:

* Ask Grandma for white socks for Christmas, and she'll give them to you (I needed them), but she'll still give you the bathrobe you said you didn't need.
* Only my brother would take his Bible and a notepad to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.
* If you're not sure you'll have a project done by Christmas, you're vastly overestimating yourself.
* Never, ever leave painter's tape up for more than a day, especially if you just recently plastered, primed, and painted your ceiling.
* Sugar plums really are made with plum, and an assortment of other fruits. They're not terrible, but they're not chocolate truffles, either. I won't be sleeping with visions of sugar plums in my head next year.
* Clara's Godfather Drosselmeier really is an odd one.
* Make sure you locate the movies you want to watch on New Year's Eve before New Year's Eve, but when in doubt know that numerous rounds of Uno will pass the time very quickly.
* When given the option, do not allow your bedroom to be undergoing construction during Christmas. It makes for general inability to find anything.\
* Scraping popcorn is very messy. Applying plaster is very messy.
* Sugar cookies are too bland for my dad's taste, but he'll eat them anyways given that there are no chocolate chip cookies in the house.
* Subway will probably close early on New Year's Eve.

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