Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guess Again

Ha! Betchya didn't think I was going to blog again this week, did you? Well, I fooled you. Of course, there probably isn't anyone reading right now, since I hadn't blogged in about a month.

I was able to turn in my papers for my passport today. I'm planning on doing a study abroad in the Czech Republic this summer. Note: it's the Czech Republic, not the "Check" Republic. In any case, I should get my passport in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Clearing all my stuff out of my room ... again. I plan on painting the walls tomorrow, maybe even painting some of the shelf-like stuff in my closet so that I can get that reassembled, too.

Not much is really new around here. The dogs got new beds a bit before Christmas, and Eddy has already put a hole through the cover of his, which definitely isn't new. Dad tried giving the dogs some old, hard leather gloves as chew toys the other day and they ended up as Eddy's afternoon snack, instead. Also not very new, even though the dogs haven't gotten gloves before.

Thinking of dogs, Mom got me a puzzle for Christmas. It's Dalmatians. Just Dalmatians. On both sides of the puzzle. And cut so that you can't feel which side is up and which is down. Should be interesting.

Yes, I am blabbering by this point. I'm already thinking of the hours spent in my room inhaling paint fumes.

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