Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Fun Never Ends

My room is finally, essentially done. Fancy that. I sanded, primed, and painted my door today, and that was the end of that. I'm in the process of moving everything back in. It's like Christmas all over again: I have boxes worth of stuff everywhere. Most of my books are back on my shelves, closet has been whole for a week or so, and the floor has even been vacuumed!

I still need to finish refilling my drawers, even though most of my clothes of all varieties are back in my room by now. I just dread facing the boxes that have all that miscellaneous stuff in them that I should probably still sort through. That's for tomorrow. I figure, if I find things that I'm not sure I want to let back into my beautiful, pristine room, then they probably should be tossed. But I don't necessarily want to toss all those random papers that aren't really important, but I'm pretty sure I'll want again some day. Such are the woes of a pack rat raised by pack rats.

I still have two more mini-projects for my room, but those will have to wait until later. I plan on putting a dress on my desk chair, because orange doesn't fit with the color scheme, and I want to make a folding screen/room divider to go in front of my closet, because I hate those ugly, clunky, permanently spotted (dunno how) mirrored closet doors. People seem to have mixed emotions, at best, at the idea for my screen. Oh well. I'm sure people will see my brilliance once it's all done.

One other bit of brilliance I had in putting my room together was to make sure I had a shelf where I could put my texts for this semester. Yes, classes start up again on Tuesday. It makes my parents giddy to think that I won't be storing my texts on the chair in the front hall (theoretically). Of course, that doesn't mean that my purse, jacket, shoes, and karate bag shouldn't be kept out there for quick and easy access.

I have been given a mandate to get everything back into my room tomorrow, or be ready to toss or donate it. Out of 15 possible drawers, I now have 6 filled. We'll see what happens tomorrow. It'd be so much easier working in my room if the cd player on my brand-new boombox hadn't stopped working. I should write Mom a note about whether or not she has a CD player cleaner in her car, so that she can tell me before she leaves for work tomorrow at o'dark thirty.

My room last night, before the gradual process of its accessorization. Yes, I know that having the ceiling light on makes the room look funky. However, it's superior to having no light and having the picture be just of a blackish room, the way things normally look at night, without light.

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