Monday, December 8, 2008

Not so Silent Night

So, for a few days now (read: several) my computer fan has been very noisy, especially upon turning on my computer. Like it sounds as if it's about to rattle itself out of the casing. Think I should take it apart and see what's up? Maybe tomorrow. Or some other time still much later. For now, finals are next week.

Is it sad that I'm getting excited rereading through the preparation materials/articles my research mentor gave me? They're about speech-motor development. And the interaction between linguistic processing demands and the stability of the speech-motor system. The guiding theory behind this line of research is the Dynamic Systems theory, which my mentor didn't see fit to have me read about until ... this last week. I started reading craziness for him in September, and now I start reading about the guiding theory. Makes perfect sense to me. Either way, rereading through everything (so I can make guidelines for writing my literature review) is making everything make so much more sense now. I'm even getting faster at reparsing data in the lab that was parsed incorrectly, and the grad student hasn't even been reparsing anything. She's only analyzing data that I've already reparsed. I know. We have a progress checklist. I'm doing all the work. No, I don't think she's doing anything else for our mentor (<----sarcasm). Who knows? Certainly not me. I'm working right now on a pretend cover letter for a pretend resume in my Rhetoric and Writing Stuidies class. So glad I'll never have to take another one of those again. It's stupid and boring. And my professor is a recovering hippy that's still big in social activism. Makes for an interesting time, it does. And for your viewing entertainment, a little bit of commentary, courtesy of

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