Friday, December 12, 2008


Was working on my applications for grad school today. I know, scary. It's actually a very scary concept for me. Basically, I printed up an application for being a graduate assistant. Or so I thought.

Turns out, it was an insight into the thinking processes of my computer. Don't know what or how my computer thinks, but the results were ... interesting. There were lots of exclamation marks. Many, many of them. Probably where the lines were supposed to be. Can't compare it to how it was supposed to look, because I gave away my evidence to one of my students. He thought it was particularly funny, and is old enough to understand the complexities of computers. If you think you might know who he is, his hair looks like exclamation marks.

Oh, and I think my printer has started running out of ink. I'm getting funny little shadow lines where there should not be any ink. No, I don't know why that translates to running out of ink, but I always only ever see this right before the ink starts fading.

Oh, and in case you care, I finally came up with a name for my computer. After three years of ownership (roughly). Ask me, and I might just tell you.

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the neon ninja said...

omg it's peter!!!! (name for your computer)