Monday, December 15, 2008

No Service

Those who know me probably know that I've been helping with the Deaf Ministries at my church for a while, helping to interpret. Not the sermons, because I'm nowhere near the talent, practice, or capability required for such a feat. I do some of the songs, and have even done a prayer or two.

I've know for a while that there have been ... "politics" ... in Deaf Ministries, but up until today I've been allowed to remain, blissfully, pretty much ignorant of said politics. Got an email today about some of the stuff, and it disappointed me so much that I've been unable to rally myself into finals mode. It's been 12 hours since I found said email, and I've barely gotten anything written on starting to flesh out my literature review (for my research mentor, but ultimately for me), let alone studying for my final tomorrow, or the one I'm really freaking out about: Wednesday. Happy happy joy joy.

Thankfully my mentor seems to have a very placid personality, or I'm sure he'd skin me tomorrow. I'm gonna see how much I can get done before midnight, and then tomorrow morning before I leave to meet with him. Wish me luck.

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