Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know those nights when you just can't sleep? I had one of those. Ran out of my preventative medication for my migraines, so I didn't sleep through the night. This morning I was tired and could feel a migraine coming on, so I grabbed ... a soda. Yes, I know you're not supposed to have soda in the morning. But I needed the caffeine, I hate coffee (in case you didn't know), and didn't have time to make tea. The best thing is, in the car I couldn't find my soda. Anywhere. I was almost to school (it's a 40 minute drive) before I found it. It was in my cupholder. Duh, you might think. What a novel place to put your soda. Well, it is for me. Furthermore, my cupholder sits in my arm rest. Really? Yeah, really. It's not one of those things that extends beyond the armrest, but it actually sits in the arm rest. I have an option of storing either audio tapes there, or one drink. Usually it holds loose coins and the gloves I keep in my car in case those Alpine mornings are super cold. My arm rest sits all the way back, too. Further back than my elbow is when driving. Which means that putting anything back there doesn't make much sense. No wonder I couldn't find the soda.

I'm used to taking naps, too, especially my nap after I get to school and before class starts. I pull a blanket and an extra sweater out of my back seat and enjoy 30 minutes more of shut-eye than I would get otherwise. I couldn't nap this morning. So instead I called my dad and had him look up the number for Travel Advising at Kaiser so that I could tell them all about myself in order for them to advise me on what immunizations I need before I go abroad this summer. I should expect to hear back from them in about two weeks. It's really hard for me to believe that I'm leaving in just less than 7 weeks. Two of those weeks are still school, and then I'll have a week I'm going to spend in Montana. Which means, my trip is almost here!

When my dad called me back with the number for Travel Advising, I was admiring my Legend of Zelda ringtone. Which reminded me that I still need to get that Rocky ringtone for whenever people from the dojo called me. Which means that I've been unable to get "Eye of the Tiger" out of my head for the last three hours. You're welcome.

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