Thursday, May 22, 2008

To Grandmother's House I Go

My flights were nice and uncomplicated, even if the planes were small. While waiting for my first flight, I got to talk with an almost-3-year-old and his parents who were on their way to Hawaii. After that, I spoke with a man from India. First flight I sat beside a man from Brazil. Sounds exciting, yes? Well, don't worry; on my second flight I sat beside a late-middle aged Caucasian American man who was strugging to stay awake while reading his extremely boring looking books (something historyish, categorical perception, and propulsion).

Mom picked me up, and we ate at a restaraunt in downtown Helena. The waitress smiled all the time, and she came to check on us no less than 5 times during the meal. We also got to swing by Mom's condo, although I didn't get to see the inside. That might happen tomorrow, yay!

Mom's been spoiling me, too. She had a piece of cake waiting for me when we got home to Grandma's (which I was too full to eat, but I had for lunch today), and she picked up Wendy's tonight for dinner, complete with a frosty. I think she enjoys having me out here.

I've been sewing today, since Mom was off working. Yes, I know. I came all the way up to Montana to sew. But I'm working on stuff for Mom, this project being an apron. I'm almost done. Sorta. I just have a couple more ties to sew on, then buttons to attach and button holes to put in. More exciting, though, is the fact that I managed to thread the machine on my own. And it's a very complicated threading process. The pedal for the sewing machine is ... interesting. When I started sewing this morning, it sounded like a hot iron. If you have never ironed your clothes, or don't know what an iron is, then I'll say it sounded like a bowl of rice crispies. Which I think isn't a good thing. The pedal also warms up pretty quickly while I sew, so I've been taking my time, just in case the thing is going to short circuit or explode or do something else exciting. I don't know where the fire extinguisher is.

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