Thursday, May 15, 2008

There will be a Test

Remember those billboards from so many years ago? The ones that were signed, "God." Like the one asking if we'd read his bestseller, because there would be a test.

Most people seem to think that the final exam for a class is the actual stack of papers they hand you that you're supposed to draw on. I've come to the conclusion that the final exam must actually be something different. The last test a class has to offer you: show up to the right classroom. Yes, you heard me right. A week ago was the last day of classes at my school. Generally everyone shows up because they want to know what will be on the test. Well, we had someone extra come to class. A dude who most definitely isn't in that class. For one, there's only about 100 of us in the year, so we all know each others' faces. Two, there's only about 4 guys total in the year, so it's not hard to figure out that he's not one of them. Third, the professor for this particular class is the major's undergrad adviser. He knows who each and every one of us is. When the dude walked into our class, he asked, "This ... isn't where my class is, is it?" Last day of classes, guy. Way to overachieve.

But if you think that's bad, just wait until you read this. We had two more such guys in that same class for the final today. One came in 5 minutes before the test was scheduled to start, holding his skateboard. The prof/adviser said, "Dude, I'd bet the house that this isn't the room you want." Luckily for the dude, he listened. 30 minutes after this (which means 25 minutes after the scheduled start time for the test), another dude came waltzing in. He was twirling his pencil, complacent as can be, searching for an empty seat. One of the grad students helping to proctor the test tried to tell him this was a Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences class (that made no sense to him) until the prof/adviser came up and repeated that this was not where the guy wanted to be. His face turned bright red. Go figure.

Now, I'm not trying to bash on anyone, but how can you go so long without knowing where your class is? What time the final is? Did you even attend the first day of class? The second? What kind of grade do you expect to get from doing nothing all semester? Do you not know anyone in the class? Did you not know that there's a website that maintains records of all the classes you're enrolled in and where and when they meet?

Did you ever find your correct classroom?

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