Thursday, February 7, 2008

iSister Down for Repairs

I've had a couple of days recently when I've meant to blog, but just haven't gotten to it. The truth of the matter is that I get tired when it gets close to bedtime, and I don't always feel like blogging. But then there are times that I do feel the need to blog.

My brother drives me crazy, bless his pea pickin' heart. I know I'm not always the neatest person, and the gameroom and bathroom still haven't quite recovered from my room being redone (nor has my bedroom), but he's worse than me. His sax music is all over the floor. He can't books of his because they're in the laundry room, or just plain and simple in the laundry. When he last made an attempt to get his dirty clothes to the laundry, some items missed the basket, and they're still in the hall. Most recently, he asked me to recharge the iPod Shuffle tonight.

No biggie, right? Well, the clip on it had somehow gotten bent. In case you don't know how charging a Shuffle works, the charging port has a groove in it for the Shuffle to sit in. Inside the groove, though, is a block that stands up. Said block is designed to go between the body of the Shuffle and the clip. With a bent clip, the Shuffle doesn't fit in the groove and the block doesn't fit in the Shuffle. So what does dear sister do? She pulls out her pliers (she got very handy with them in redoing her room) and works the clip until it's flat enough to be shoved into its charging cradle while her brother takes a shower with the shower setting that's so loud it can be heard in all corners of the house. And does he care about the work she did? No. Does he say thanks? Only for the "State of the Union" address. And, of course, he claims he has know knowledge of how it got bent in the first place.

He should consider himself lucky that I didn't let our parents know that he'd nearly borked the iPod.


Rick said...

Is this the same 17 old brother that doesn't replace the toilet paper roll when it's empty?

I saw your post over at Dawn's blog.

Jessica said...

Yes, it is indeed the same 17 year old brother. The joys of being a big sister.