Thursday, March 12, 2009

Library Scout

I've often considered posting about the hall monitors at my school's library. No, I don't know what the official job title is, but that's essentially what they are. Only thing is, I don't always know what to say about them. I've seen three of them. Two look to be in their late 20's, the third is some indeterminable age that qualifies for AARP. Poor guys sit at a desk most of the day. Yes, that's it. They sit at a desk, near the entrance, facing the detectors that alert all 300 (completely arbitrary number) students in the library to anyone that tries to take a book out that they didn't check out. Or the detectors will go off if ... I don't know why else they go off. Maybe they're attracted to students' cell phones.

But I digress. These hall monitors go around and make sure you're not doing bad things on the computer. Things like Facebook (which will close automatically). Or Twitter. Or eating Starburst, or talking on your cell. But that's not the only time I've seen them. They occasionally patrol the quiet study areas. For what? I have no idea. But I did once have one walk up to me and ask me ... to make sure I put my trash in the trashcan when I was done and leaving. Umm, I know these guys have no idea who I am or what my personal feelings are on food wrappers, but still, throwing away the wrapper from your Nature Valley bar should be a no-brainer. But maybe I give the general populace too much credit.

Today I saw one of the hall monitors going around the computer lab (the shortest one). Now, these guys always look cranky, but this one looked even crankier than usual. And he looked like he was bobbing his head, the same way a chicken might do while walking. I think I figured it out: he was looking to see if we'd stashed food or drink (both big no-no's) by our feet. Poor guy must have been hungry.

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