Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Okay, so I got tagged for this about 3 weeks ago. Been busy, but I also thought I might wait until my birthday to do this, since your number of random factoids depends on your age. Now is close enough to my birthday, so it'll have to do.

1) Tolkien's birthday is a holiday. Best celebrated by watching the LotR movies (special extended edition), eating pizza, and dressing in costume.

2) One of my best friends has her birthday the day before mine. We've had two joint birthday parties.

3) In 8th grade above best friend and I were the top readers in our English class. We got the prizes for the first semester, and second semester the prizes had to go to the third and fourth readers, because my friend and I were still numbers one and two.

4) I have four Elven names that another friend and I made for me. I use all of them, in one form or another, for my internet stuffs.

5) This blog has nothing to do with my Elven names.

6) I have been on the Dean's List every semester so far in my college career. Getting the letter in the mail isn't even a surprise anymore (although it's still nice to have).

7) Most of the time I'm at my computer, I either sit with my legs folded under me, or with my feet up by the monitor.

8) Roughly once a week I have to reteach my dad how to access his email. He has 5 separate email accounts.

9) I enjoy painting rooms. Paint smells don't bug me that much, either, although I do seem to get my words mixed up more when I've been around the fumes too much.

10) I have a pair of pants I wear every time I paint a room. They have several colors on them now, and I plan on expanding the collection on them.

11) MLA was the first formatted writing system I used. I used it for 5 years and got to a point where I could pretty much do works cited by memory.'

12) I now have to use APA writing system for my major/career, and I hated it. It's alright now, but I get the works cited process mixed up, because I still have remnants of MLA hanging out in my brain.

13) I have several fiction works I've started throughout the years. I've never yet finished one.

14) I share my brain with several other people. I started off sharing it with only 3 other people, but the number has grown throughout the years. Sometimes my thoughts get mixed up because someone else is hogging the system.

15) I take naps in my car. When my car is parked in a parking spot somewhere.

16) I try to never buy anything for full price.

17) I spend an ungodly number of hours playing with a 3D art program on my computer.

18) I have been known to dream in Spanish and ASL.

19) When I read things, or hear someone talking, I tend to try to translate it into ASL.

20) I sign along with songs in the car. It's really hard to sign Country music sometimes.

21) I don't have an iPod. I play music on YouTube.

22) I hate Daylight Savings Time. I need sunlight to help me move in the morning. Furthermore, DST is the wrong time. We now spend 2/3 of our year on the wrong time, too.

If you're reading this and want to do it, consider yourself tagged. If you don't give a care, don't bother. :P

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the neon ninja said...

yay!!! you did it!!! i like your weird little factoids. factoids. that's a cool word!!! i think i'll celebrate Tolkien's birthday that way. i'll have to go to madison's house though, or something... o well. but, yeah. THANKS SENSEI JESSICA!!!